Chris Howard

Chris Howard, Senior Vice President at Callahan & Associates, directs an array of collaborative innovation initiatives for CUFSLP, Callahan’s partnership with 26 of the nation’s leading credit unions. Chris combines more than a decade of financial services experience with more than 20 years as a strategist, executive coach, and management consultant. He has a background in marketing and communications and has worked as a U.S. Senate staffer and a television producer. During his time in banking and at Freddie Mac, Chris was responsible for strategy, innovation initiatives, business development, and strategic alliances. Chris brings the lessons and insights of his broad experience to thought-provoking presentations that offer new perspectives on traditional issues.

Chris earned his bachelor’s degree cum laude from Princeton University and his master’s degree from the University of Cape Town.

Here are a few of Chris’s topics:

  • How Big Data Can Change the Rules
  • Building a Culture of Innovation
  • Strategic Alignment from the Boardroom to the Member
  • Tailoring Strategy to Meet the Mission

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