Professional Growth Opportunities Throughout the Year.

credit-union-strategyWhether you’re a seasoned credit union executive or just recently joined the cooperative movement, there’s always room for professional growth. Regulations change, the economy takes unexpected turns, and member needs evolve, meaning you have plenty to stay on top of but not much time to spare.

We know this, which is why we have developed a slate of live and web-based events for credit union professionals. From one-hour webinars you can digest from the comfort of your desk to role-specific networking roundtables in great locations across the country, Callahan & Associates provides plenty of opportunities for professional development.


Callahan Webinars: Proven Solutions from Actual Credit Unions
credit-union-resourcesGet tried and true methods for improving your credit union’s performance with Callahan Leadership webinars. These sessions feature credit union executives sharing real strategies they’ve implemented and discussing their results.

Live webinars are held several times each month, and we keep a vast archive of past webinars for viewing at your convenience.

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Credit Card Management Series: The Ultimate Credit Card Resource
credit-union-strategy-ccmsThere is no silver bullet to ensure success in the credit card market, but there are proven tactics that improve your odds. The Credit Card Management Series (CCMS), a partnership between Callahan & Associates and TRK advisors, is a five part series of webinars that will show you how to design, market, and manage your card programs to drive success in the marketplace.

If you have an existing credit card program or are looking to launch one, attending this series of online credit union events ensures you’ll be delivering maximum value to both your institution and your members.

Note: Credit Card Management Series is exclusive to Callahan Leadership partners. Click here for more information on becoming a Leadership partner.

Trendwatch: Spotting Industry Trends First
trendwatch-credit-union-strategyLearn about the latest credit union industry developments before anyone else with Trendwatch. We compile the latest quarter’s data and identify the most important trends weeks before the NCUA releases their 5300 data file, allowing you to get a head start on shaping your strategy for the coming quarter.

But there’s more to Trendwatch than just quarterly credit union data. Presenters also break down overall economic trends and explain how credit unions fit into it all. You’ll even get fresh ideas for your credit union strategy by listening to credit union executives present on tactics that’ve worked at their institution.


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