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Performance Analysis is Easy with our Cloud-based Solutions

credit-union-dataIt’s hard to get a read on your credit union’s performance without benchmarks to compare against. With our credit union data software products, users can easily and accurately gauge their credit union’s performance against institutions of their choice. Each of our five software solutions meets a distinct need and combine to provide well-rounded credit union analysis.


Peer-to-Peer: Robust Credit Union Analysis
credit-union-softwareBuilt for detailed performance analysis, Peer-to-Peer lets you effortlessly compare your credit union to individual credit unions and banks, customized peer groups, and industry averages. Your benchmarking possibilities are nearly limitless since Peer includes all the data points from the NCUA 5300 and FDIC call reports, not to mention numerous Callahan-created ratios that provide an even deeper look into your performance.

The multitude of filters provided help users make the most relevant comparisons possible. Display the information in your preferred format and export it for your next board meeting or planning session. With Peer, you always know where your credit union stands.

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CUAnalyzer: Credit Union Education and Strategy
credit-union-data-2Understanding financial credit union data can be difficult for those without an extensive finance background. That’s why we created CUAnalyzer. It’s an educational analysis software tool that lets users across various departments see how their efforts impact the bottom line.

Users can look at pre-built packets featuring metrics that directly measure their department’s success. More than just lines on a graph, users actually get to learn about each measure with detailed definitions and written overviews explaining how your credit union is performing compared to its peers.

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MortgageAnalyzer: HMDA Data Made Easy
credit-union-software-2Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) data provides a wealth of information into the mortgage market, and MortgageAnalyzer puts it all at your fingertips. Instead of trying to make sense of the massive HMDA data file, you can quickly perform mortgage-specific data analysis against credit unions, banks, thrifts, and even entire markets.

Take control of the comparisons you want to make by filtering through competitors based on loan purpose, loan type, lien type, or owner occupancy. When you’re all finished, export the data in graphical or tabular formats to use in your reports and presentations.

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BranchAnalyzer: Performance at the Branch Level
credit-union-data-3BranchAnalyzer is a credit union data software solution that lets you analyze deposit data at the branch, institution, and even market level. Using FDIC and NCUA data, you’re able to see whether your branches are growing along with the market or if strategic changes should be made to shore up weaknesses at specific locations.

Are you thinking of expanding? Using U.S. Census data, BranchAnalyzer lets you analyze the demographic attributes of markets you are thinking of entering to determine whether your credit union will thrive. At the end of the day, stronger branch performance leads to a stronger credit union.

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Search & Analyze: Fast Credit Union Analysis
credit-union-analysisWhen you just need a high-level performance overview, Search & Analyze can get it for you in a flash. Simply type in the name of the credit union you want to analyze and it’ll return key NCUA 5300 Call Report metrics, comparisons against state and asset-based peer groups, and percentile rankings.

And when you need to connect with other executives, you’ll be able to find their contact info by searching for either their last name or institution. It’s the perfect tool when you need credit union data on the fly.

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Go Further with Analysts on Call

Callahan clients enjoy allotted hours of dedicated analyst time per year, so you’ll never have to feel unsure about your data analysis efforts. Ask our analysts questions about a report you created or save time by having them build a custom report based on the topic of your choice. They can help you with tasks like setting up reusable performance packets, creating detailed financial performance summaries, generating scenario reports in preparation for planning sessions and regulatory exams, and more.

Training & Support

Our goal is to ensure you get maximum value from our suite of credit union analysis tools, so we’ve built an all-in-one training and support portal that’ll help you master our software. Whether you’re looking for live training from an in-house expert, a quick how-to video to complete your task, or need to chat with Callahan support, you can do it all from one sleek, intuitive hub.

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