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Credit Union Resources that Boost Productivity

Focusing on big picture issues is tough when some of the more menial tasks are eating up your day. Get back to peak productivity with efficiency resources that streamline operations. Whether it’s crafting a new lending policy or finding that perfect new employee, we have credit union resources that will get it done faster without sacrificing quality.

Policies & Procedures: Key Operational Documents at the Ready
Find it fast and implement it faster – it’s a good way to describe the philosophy behind Callahan’s Policies & Procedures. You’re a busy credit union professional, and we save you time by letting you download operational documents, policies, templates, and other credit union resources that you can use straightaway. All the documents come from your credit union peers and are reviewed for quality by Callahan, giving you peace of mind when adopting them.

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Policies & Procedures contains eight modules related to eight key areas of credit union operations, making it a useful tool across departments.


Credit Union Case Studies: Strategies Proven to Work
credit-union-strategic-planningTake the error out of trial-and-error. With Callahan case studies, you learn about strategies and initiatives that have worked for other credit unions.

Each case study lays out what was done, the results, and lessons learned during implementation, giving you guidance on the best way to move forward. Our case studies cover the full range of departments and functions – from finance to marketing and everything in between. If you’re going through a particular issue or are eyeing a potential improvement, we’ll have a case study that you can turn to. New case studies are released every week, including in our print publications and online through articles and webinars on CreditUnions.com.

Career Center: Where Top Credit Union Professionals Look
credit-union-strategyInstead of posting your credit union’s job openings on untargeted job boards hoping the right person stumbles across the description, use the Career Center to reach experienced credit union professionals. This job board is hosted on our editorial site CreditUnions.com, which top industry professionals turn to every day for best practices, case studies, and other credit union resources. Find the best qualified candidates faster with the Career Center.

Press Center: The Latest Credit Union News
credit-union-resources-pressHave a big announcement you want to get out to the industry? Our Press Center, part of CreditUnions.com, is a go-to resource for learning about the latest credit union industry developments. Posting your releases in the Press Center is the fastest way to get your latest announcements in front of top credit union professionals. New releases are sent out to the industry via email every Friday, wrapping up the week’s news.

Use the Press Center when conducting research on other credit unions and credit union suppliers. If you have a specific organization in mind, just search by name, or use the category filters to learn about the latest in areas like lending, personnel changes, and technology from the institutions themselves.

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