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Elevating Your Leadership Team

Credit union executives have a number of options for individual professional development, but learning as a leadership team is the way of the future. As the credit union industry faces unprecedented changes, including increased competition and FinTech disruption, credit unions’ responses to competitive pressures, which may have worked well in the past, may not lead to success in the future.

This is precisely why Callahan & Associates developed Leadership Team Development and Strategy Lab to provide credit unions with team learning experiences that help executives become more effective, make better strategic decisions, and ultimately thrive — together.

Our Leadership Development offerings include:

  • Leadership Team Development – combines the impact of Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen’s renowned work with Callahan & Associates’ credit union expertise to create a team learning experience like no other in the industry. Learn more about Leadership Team Development.
  • Strategy Lab – a series of executive workshops exploring issues shaping today’s financial landscape and how your credit union can cut through the noise and focus on the topics that matter most to your success. Learn more about Strategy Lab.

Focusing on strategy is a process, not a singular event. Managing day-to-day operations effectively requires a strategic mindset, but making time to talk about strategy is difficult. We are here to help.

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