Manage Your Local Online Brand Reputation

When individuals in your market search online for financial services, are they going to find your credit union branches? The answer is a confident “Yes!” with CUBrandMonitor, an all-in-one online brand reputation management platform designed to help improve your local online brand presence.

You’re able to manage all the major components of your online brand in one place, whether it’s identifying how your branches rank on major search engines, reading and responding to online reviews, or seeing where you have inconsistent listings. Your branches will appear higher in the local search rankings, plus you’ll leave a stronger online impression on current and potential members.

“I used CUBrandMonitor to respond to my reviews from the last three weeks. I must say… wow! I seriously was able to reduce the time spent by about 90 percent. I will never respond to reviews from anywhere but inside this tool from here on out.” — Matt Evans, Digital Marketing Specialist at Wright-Patt Credit Union.


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Track Local Search Rankings

See where your credit union’s branches rank on local search for up to 15 key words per branch, so you can put the focus on the key words you need to improve to drive more potential members to your branches.

Manage Local Listings

CUBrandMonitor continuously scans all the major directories across the web and alerts you of any inaccuracies, duplicates, or missing listings that can hurt your search rankings or confuse potential members. Don’t let rogue listing pages hurt your brand!

Keep Track Of Online Reviews

Instead of scouring numerous sites for reviews on your branches, you’re able to view all reviews for all branches in one place. This saves time and ensures you can respond to them all – a good thing for your local search rankings.

Stay On Top Of Social Media Chatter

People are having conversations about your branches across social media and industry articles, and CUBrandMonitor keeps track of them for you. Join the conversation or take a birds-eye view by looking at overall sentiment and tracking competitors. Track mentions, hashtags, activity, and more!

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