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No One Knows Credit Union Strategy Like Callahan

For more than 30 years, Callahan & Associates has built a reputation for leading productive strategic planning sessions, delivering insightful keynote speeches, guiding interactive breakout sessions, and facilitating strategic team discussions that help credit unions and the industry understand their environment. No matter the engagement, Callahan consultants supply a new lens which enables credit unions to improve performance and meet strategic goals.

Our consultants combine Callahan’s robust credit union data resources, years of industry experience, and an unprecedented network of industry leaders to help your team develop strategies that are sure to succeed.

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How Callahan Delivers Value

Callahan & Associates helps credit union industry leaders identify strategic growth opportunities that increase member value by creating meaningful dialogue, connecting people, and providing strategic counsel through our suite of consulting services, tailored specifically to your organization.


Benefit from the most complete credit union data set in the industry. Our consultants leverage the entire suite of Callahan industry and performance data tools and supply customized analytics needed to understand and support your strategic objectives.


Identify the best path forward. Data is just the start, and while the numbers are important they only tell part of the story. Callahan consultants have the expertise and experience to help you drive actionable insights from the data and apply them to your real-world challenges and opportunities.


Implement the right strategy at the right time. Our consultants have access to an unparalleled network of industry leaders which allows us to remain on the leading edge of developments and tactics which bring proven results.

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