CUSO Partnerships

Callahan & Associates participates in several credit union service organizations (CUSOs) designed to enhance the competitiveness of the credit union industry. Created in part with other credit union owners, these CUSOs are cooperative efforts to increase efficiency for credit unions and expand services for their members.

Callahan Financial Services, Inc.
CUFSLP_Logos-01Callahan Financial Services, a registered broker-dealer, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Callahan & Associates and the general partner of the Credit Union Financial Services Limited Partnership (CUFSLP). CUFSLP was formed in 1987 by a group of America’s leading credit unions to develop cooperative ventures that further credit union innovation and collaboration. CUFSLP founded the first credit union owned mutual fund family, the Trust for Credit Unions (TCU) in 1988. TRUST Mutual Funds, as it’s now known, continues to support investment strategies through a professionally managed family of mutual funds that fit the needs of the credit union industry. Since its inception, TRUST Mutual Funds, together with Goldman Sachs, has helped credit unions invest excess member deposits, focusing on adding maximum value through collaboration.
Credit Union Student Choice
student-choiceCallahan & Associates is a partner in Credit Union Student Choice, a CUSO developed to position credit unions as leaders in education financing. Credit Union Student Choice has enabled hundreds of credit unions to offer an innovative private student lending program to students and families in search of fair-value education financing options. By using existing providers within the credit union system, Student Choice offers a truly low-cost, 24×7 support system that enables credit unions of all asset sizes to make loans by managing the challenges and risks commonly associated with student lending.
My Virtual Strongbox
digital-mailerContinuing our commitment to partner with innovative and collaborative companies that help credit unions maximize their competitive advantages, Callahan & Associates is a strategic partner with My Virtual StrongBox. My Virtual StrongBox was created by a team of technology innovators with more than 175 combined years of finance industry experience. This product combines the peace-of-mind of a safe deposit box with the convenience of online storage services. Virtual StrongBox’s patented encryption-at-rest data security & file exchange solution is regulatory compliant and allows financial institutions to transition to the cloud. They provide the security and technology required to connect banking legacy technology workflows to the consumer and their technology, reducing the workflow burden and achieving cloud-cost benefits.
Affiliated Companies: