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Credit Union Resources Providing Data Based Insights

Here at Callahan & Associates, everything starts with credit union data collected, verified, and organized in a way that makes it most meaningful to credit union decision-makers. But we also know that sometimes, there’s more to a story than numbers alone can show.

That’s where Callahan publications come in. This multi-channel, multi-publication media suite brings to life both the hard numbers and the specific details and strategies needed to take your organizational performance to peak levels.

Peer-Verified Strategies For Success

If experience truly is the best teacher, why limit your lesson plan? With the Callahan Media Suite, each and every product features a distinct combination of pure credit union data, analytical insight from our roster of experts, and detailed “how-to” case studies from proven industry leaders. Whether you’re looking for best practices in marketing, business lending, HR, regulation, or hundreds of other topics, let your peers be your guide.

Information On Your Schedule

Our content is available via print, online, mobile, and iPad app and is published daily, monthly, quarterly, and annually. This means you and your staff can stay plugged into the current of the industry with minimal effort, no matter where you are.

Some channels and publications are also fine-tuned for specific roles and needs, letting you save time and energy by finding exactly the type of information you’re looking for, in a format that works best for your busy schedule.
Tired of news you can’t use? is the answer. This online credit union resource brings together fresh case studies, data snapshots, and a steady stream of blogs, op-eds, and partner perspectives from those invested in credit union success. The site also features access to a dynamic data engine for custom credit union data analysis and industry benchmarking, as well as a press center to help get your news out to the right audience.

Credit Union Directory
As the must-have industry resource for more than 30 years, this encyclopedia of credit union performance breaks down nearly every piece of available information in the industry for credit union analysis and comparison. If you can’t find it here, you probably can’t find it anywhere.

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Credit Union Strategy & Performance
The quarterly print resource combines macroeconomic industry analysis, peer, state, and regional examinations, lessons learned from individual credit unions and even case studies from other industries to give you a 360-degree view of both “top of mind” issues and forward-thinking strategies in the modern credit union marketplace.
Market Share Guides
When you need help selecting a new core provider that plays well with other ancillary systems and are looking for an auditor who specializes in credit unions under a certain asset size –turn to Callahan’s Market Share Guides. These specialized guides examine the touch points where the credit union industry and supporting suppliers collide, using credit union data, outside research, and direct vendor verification to help you better understand supplier options in these evolving business ecosystems.
You may have the same problems as everyone else, but that doesn’t mean you always want to solve them in the same way. That’s why each of our collections feature key credit union data points, independent analysis, and hand-selected case studies on a very specific topic — ranging from search engine optimization (SEO) all the way to branch design — in order to provide you with a holistic perspective on the issue at hand.
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