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Sales Success Starts with Reliable Credit Union Data

salesEvery credit union is unique. Whether it’s asset size, charter type, number of branches, or the brand of core processor used, all vary in one way or another. As a credit union supplier, having a solid plan in place to show credit union clients and prospects that you understand and are best able to serve their individual needs is a smart strategy. Callahan & Associates’ data analysis tools provide the in-depth insight your company needs to understand how credit unions are performing individually and in comparison to their peers.

Our software allows you to quickly and easily analyze NCUA 5300 Call Report data*, create insightful reports, and discover key findings that enable you to present the most relevant product options to your clients and prospects. Gain the ability to make faster, better-informed sales decisions using Callahan’s data analysis tools. Whether you need to compile a targeted credit union marketing list based on certain demographic criteria or want to identify key opportunities with a specific credit union partner, Callahan has you covered. Our credit union data analysis tools will equip your sales and marketing teams with the market intelligence needed to turn leads into lifetime clients.

Let Callahan help put your credit union sales plan in motion. Getting started is easy to do. Our systems are cloud-based for multi-platform access and convenience.

strategyPartnering with Callahan & Associates – Now that’s a Smart Strategy!


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*Our analytics tools include 18 years of credit union data and eight years of bank data from a number of sources, including the NCUA 5300 & FDIC Call Reports, econometric data, FDIC branch deposit data and HMDA (Home Mortgage Disclosure Act) data.


  • Compare any credit union’s financial performance against its relevant peers
  • Conduct market research on current clients or prospects
  • Help clients improve performance by identifying key areas where they can benefit from your products and services
  • Research the market’s need for potential product offerings


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  • Compile targeted marketing lists to establish accurate sales goals
  • Educate your sales team on how to track the performance of prospects
  • Send automatic alerts when credit union data is updated
  • Create reports for sales meetings and client presentations


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  • Provides instant access to detailed branch level data for credit unions, banks and other financial institutions
  • Includes U.S. Census and and Postal Service demographic information which allows your team to conduct detailed research on your credit union prospects and clients


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  • Fine-tune your industry research by conducting detailed analysis on credit union branch and mortgage portfolio performance
  • Pull market level data based on the number of mortgage loan originations by an institution or market
  • Identify credit union clients and prospects who will benefit from your mortgage products


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Search & Analyze

  • Quickly review credit union data from the NCUA 5300 Call Report
  • Research credit union locations and contact information for credit union executives
  • Create custom lists of credit unions to support sales and prospecting efforts


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Training & Support

We want to make sure you can efficiently gather the credit union clients and prospect intelligence from our analytics tools, so we’ve built an all-in-one training and support portal that’ll help you master the software. Whether you’re looking for live training from an in-house expert, a quick how-to video to complete your task, or need to chat with Callahan support, you can do it all from one sleek, intuitive hub.

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