Peer-to-Peer Bootcamp

Become A Peer-to-Peer Pro In Just Two Days!

Callahan Analytics: Peer-to-Peer Bootcamp is an interactive training course that will accelerate your understanding of the power of Peer-to-Peer and how performance benchmarking can help you do your job better. The cost to attend the two-day bootcamp is $600. If you’d like to send multiple users through Peer Bootcamp, please contact Victoria Taylor to get $100 off each additional registrant.

Not only will you learn how to use the program more efficiently with our tips, tricks, and shortcuts, the class exercises allow you to customize your set-up so you can go back to work with reporting that will provide meaningful and actionable insights. After just two days, you’ll return to your credit union better equipped to perform data activities crucial to your success.

During Bootcamp, you will:

  • Identify which credit unions and banks provide meaningful comparisons for your credit union.
  • Learn how to manipulate data using advanced functions and graphing options.
  • Leverage advanced reporting options to create customized benchmarking scorecards for each department in your credit union.
  • Set-up the system to automatically update and send to quarterly reports in PowerPoint, Excel or in an online slideshow.


Introduction to Peer-to-Peer & Customization Part I

  • Setting Up & Terminology
  • Getting Started – Program Navigation
  • Data Sets – Credit Unions & Bank Call Reports
  • Formula Wizard & Accounts
  • Customization Part I
    • Custom Peer Groups Part I
    • Simple Peer Groups
    • Beginner Operators
    • Built-In Display Types
    • Moving & Sharing Analysis
    • Custom Displays Part I

Customization Part II & Scoring Systems

  • Custom Peer Groups Part II
  • Custom Displays Part II
  • Scoring Systems
    • CUPP (Callahan’s proprietary version of CAMEL)
    • ROM: Return of the Member (Measuring Member Value)
  • Custom Formulas
  • Build Your Own Reports

Register Today In A City Near You:

Due to the nature of the session topics, this Bootcamp session is for credit union employees only.  If you are a vendor and interested in Bootcamp, please contact us at