Powered by HMDA data, MortgageAnalyzer is the tool of choice for digging into your institution and market position for mortgages.

Learn who the leaders are in your market – then do competitive research on their product offerings to learn how to differentiate yours.

MortgageAnalyzer can tell you:

  • The number of institutions in a market.
  • Application and funding volume by loan purpose (purchase, refinance, home improvement), loan type (conventional, FHA, VA, FSA), lien type (first, subordinate), and occupancy status (owner occupied, non-owner occupied).
  • Institutional market share and historical trend analysis.

Uncover unknown lenders in your market to help position your products more effectively. Many credit unions are well aware of the credit union and community bank around the corner but what about national and online lenders? How do they stack up in your market?

Analyze An Institution

Compare a single institution against a market of your choosing

Quickly analyze your credit union’s position against other cooperatives, banks, thrifts, and mortgage CUSOs. Read on for a step-by-step guide to getting the analysis you need.

Analyze A Market

Assess market data on a state, country, & MSA level

Get started with “Analyze a Market” – the first step provides a wide range of geographic filters including states, counties, and/or MSAs, as well as entire market options.