CUAnalyzer is a tool that helps you benchmark your credit union’s performance
by providing the following:

  • Ways to put data in context
  • Offer dynamic performance analysis explanations
  • Helping you set meaningful and visible goals
  • Access to hundreds of performance ratios charts and more
  • A means to align internal and external strategic initiatives

Why Use CUAnalyzer

CUAnalyzer provides educational context alongside easy-to-use financial performance analysis.

Questions About CU League Access?

Step 1: Set your Primary Institution

Get started by searching for your credit union and setting it to be your primary point of analysis.

Step 2: Select A Peer Group

You’re automatically given a peer group of institutions against which you can benchmark performance. You can also build custom peer groups of your own.

Step 3: Performance Analysis Text

The performance analysis text ranking system of CUAnalyzer offers guidance on performance in-line with graphs and charts.

Share Your Analysis

Exporting in CUAnalyzer

Users can send pre-built or custom folders and displays via email a one-time or reoccurring (only custom displays) basis to colleagues, board members, and other key credit union personnel.

CUAnalyzer Packets

Analysis Made Easy

Packets are groups of displays that bring together a set of financial performance graphs and charts. Save your own, use your institution’s, and try CUAnalyzer Community Packets from across the industry.